If there is one that you fancy it can be personalised for free

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A couple of Valentine Cards you can find in my shop.

The inside:

The verse inside the Oriental Plate Card

And a card to give to your boyfriend:

Egyptian card for boyfriend

The inside, the insert has two hearts punched in the corner

The verse inside the Egyptian card

Sorry if anyone was following this blog. My laptop encountered a problem and I was unable to use a browser. I have reset the laptop to factory settings after backing up all my files and only just got it connected a few minutes ago.
Will be back with some interesting news tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all my customers, family and friends


These are some of the Pollyanna Pickering cards I made with her dvd.

I did more than the ones shown here and even when the same picture for the topper was used, no two cards were the same.
These cards and similar can be found in my shop Uniquely Yours in the Reynolds Centre Foregate Street Stafford

I didn’t get around to making many personal cards again this year but this one was one for my son. The picture I used is one painted by Pollyana Pickering, the famous artist. I purchased a DVD with 40 paintings that she did and they were the basis for my cards this year.

Card made for my Son 2014

He has a Spaniel whom he calls Bertie so I thought this would be received nicely. It is the initial design of topper that takes the time when making personal cards. The cards themselves don’t take that long after I have picked the topper. But it can take hours to get that right sometimes!

I made a set of Christmas cards along the theme of Black & White Whiskey posters from the past. They are all layered with different papers, card and mirror board, and 3D foam pads have been used to add dimension. All have an insert with a stamped sentiment

Even when I use the same picture, I never make two alike unless it is requested as a set. My shop where I sell these items is called Uniquely Yours

I made these just before Christmas while I was off work.

They are made from a double knitting yarn with a thread of lurex running through, Great for those cold nights out yet you still want to look glamorous as well as warm

Purple long and glittery fingerless gloves

While at my daughters for Christmas, and when not doing “Christmassy” things, I spent my time knitting items for my shop.
This pair of fingerless gloves is what I made.

A pair of short fingerless gloves. Moss stitch and cabled

I have decided to spend my free time at home knitting and sewing items for the shop, and will keep posting them on here for you to see.

Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and customers and suppliers.

Here are the photos of the workshop I promised yesterday.

This is my personal craft station


This is the customer workstation for 8 people at a time. They all have a set of tools. Not the best of photos as I was using the table to sort all the stuff when setting up the craft room

This is the sewing area with quilting and patchwork templates on the wall, I make items for the shop and commissions and will run quilting and sewing workshops in the future

This is the rubber stamp area with the folders holding the acrylic stamps in catagories. Wood backed ones on the glass shelves. I have started to cover the folders and some are still to do in this photo

This is the scoreboard and Clarity stamp and DVD area. The table underneath is housing a knitting machine and has been cleared a but more now but photo not taken yet


This area is to the left of the workstation and has all the Glitter Girls boards on the wall in racks. At the bottom is the sink and fridge freezer for snacks and drinks.


The workshop area is still being cleared but at least the sorting has been done. Like a true crafter I can’t throw things out and I recycle and upcycle loads of stuff but it has accumulated while setting up the shop and craftroom the last couple of years. Abbeys heart operation and my divorce slowed things up a bit but it is all “Go” now. I will enjoy crafting again filling the shop and running workshops and demonstrations. Hope you will join me.